Another Halloween has come and gone, and hopefully yours was filled with more treats than tricks! This is our first official Halloween in our new home, and I don’t know about your neighborhood, but ours does Halloween in a BIG way! Judging from what we handed out that night, we had over 500 little tricksters come to our house. It was wild, but we had a blast!

Ok, Halloween is over, so you know what that means, don’t you? Yep, it means the Christmas trees have been up in the stores for about a month now. I hear people lamenting that fact, and I can understand it, but I have to say that I am one of those that is ready to go from Jack-O-Lanterns to Christmas trees without even so much as thinking about Pilgrims.  Is Thanksgiving being lost? Perhaps it’s just never been the marketer’s dream like the holidays preceding and following it. It’s just not quite as much fun-sort of like the comfortable, conservative pair of loafers in your closet sitting between a pair of knockout boots and a pair of killer heels.  Does it mean we aren’t thankful? Of course not, and being thankful should be a daily event, not just something we take time for once a year. We’re sorry, Thanksgiving.  It’s nothing personal.

At any rate, I have Pandora playing Christmas tunes in my earbuds, and I am patiently waiting until I can respectfully start decorating with trees and snowmen. I am appeasing my sweet husband by filling the mantle with turkeys and leaves…and mentally tapping my finger and waiting.

As the holidays near, traveling to visit relatives is an inevitable part of the season for many families. Traveling with small children can become a nightmare of logistics to coordinate all the baby gear so that you’re properly prepared. If you could use some help in this area, our travel highchair (Dual-Mate™) could really be the answer! It’s portable (folds and stores neatly in it’s own carrying sack) and can be thrown over your shoulder, leaving your hands free to hold your little one (or the cranberry relish). Having your own highchair to take to family functions allows your child to be seated safely with the rest of the family, even if your baby is still in a baby carrier (no more putting the carrier on the floor!) Remember, this highchair converts, so you’ll be able to use it from day one and as long as your child needs a highchair! (It also makes a great gift!) Take a look ( and let us know if you have any questions!

Ok, back to dashing through the snow for me.


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