Traveling to an unfamiliar golf destination can be a bit nerve racking for a new golfer because of the fear associated with flubbing just about every shot. Likewise, one of the biggest fears that some new fathers are willing to admit to is the inability to do everything right. Most golfers aren’t like the TV advertising images we all see of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson swinging a golf club at age three, just as most men are not like women when it comes to being a new parent; it just isn’t as natural to be a dad. Thus, many dads can relate to the nice miss phenomenon often associated with playing golf. Fortunately, the blessing of having a baby for many first-time dads is in the assurance that a mulligan won’t be needed. However, it is often said that being a new dad is like getting a do-over on your childhood.

Learning about what to do and how to choose and use the proper baby equipment will help eliminate frustrations with being a first time or not a first time dad. Without being stereotypical, many dads won’t admit that they actually need direction(s). This is also true when it comes to buying baby gear; which really should be about making matters easier, not about putting a hiccup in your swing, or getting the yips because you spent too much money on the equipment.

At Hollett Baby, we have taken the K.I.S.S. (i.e. Keep It Simple Stupid) approach with our travel highchair so that even dads that refuse to stop and ask for directions when lost, or purchase expensive golf clubs but then don’t practice, will immediately realize the benefits of our portable highchair, which include: convenience, safety, simple to use, and product longevity. Seriously, since this is the only travel highchair that holds a baby carrier and converts to hold a toddler, our step-by-step instructions help as well.

I have not actually kept count of the number of parents, specifically dads, that have told me that they would have loved to have had the Hollett Dual-Mate Travel Highchair to use with their first born, but it’s a lot. Here’s the thing, while many first-time dads and not first-time dads may have to forgo teeing it up for baby gearing it up, our travel highchair is the rescue club of portable highchairs.
Who knows, the moms may even agree to pack the highchair in the trunk of the car with dad’s clubs, bring the baby or toddler, set the highchair up at the golf range (at a safe distance from your chicken-wing back swing), and watch you hit balls with your old golf clubs. Everyone’s happy.

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