Face and Soul

When the Dual-Mate™ highchair was first invented and patented, we knew that we needed an identity  because without one, it would be like introducing a stranger with no name. The obvious name for all of our products was Hollett and the most memorable name for our dual-purpose highchair turned out to be the Dual-Mate™ highchair.

The Hollett™ logo is the face of our company and
the Hollett™ brand is its soul.


Hollett™ logo is easy to remember by name, but also has meaning too. Like our products, the Hollett™ logo is strong, simple, versatile, and like our products, the Hollett™ logo just makes sense.

The “H” represents the Dual-Mate™ highchair and the triangle above the H represents an infant carrier. Customers will notice that the Hollett™ logo is often shown using different colors, especially for the triangle and may wonder why. This is to symbolize the diversity of babies that have the same need for safe accommodations while in an infant carrier at home, in a restaurant, or when traveling.

So, even if you happen to forget our name, you will remember the face of our company and what our logo means and how it is reflective of our flagship product, the Hollett™ Dual-Mate™ highchair.

Because the Hollett™ brand of highchairs are meant to be pulled directly up to a standard height dining table, we sometimes use another element or design feature with the Hollett™ logo called a 4-top, representing a dining table.

Hollett, Inc. has two tag lines, or slogans that we sometimes use with our logos:

1) “…makes the dining experiences more enjoyable for everyone.”


The Hollett Baby™ brand is the soul of our company and we want to assure our customers that we would not be able to look ourselves in the face if we did not remain true in consistently offering quality products that are safe, reliable, efficient, and bring value to the users.