A dual-purpose, portable high chair for infant carriers or toddlers makes traveling and dining with babies and toddlers less challenging. The patented Hollett™ Travel Dual-Mate™ high chair is not only unique because this “dual-purpose” high chair safely holds all major brands of infant carriers, and easily converts to accommodate toddlers, but also because this high chair is foldable like a camping chair.

Hollett, Inc., provider of safe, simple, and stylish high chairs and baby products is proud to announce the introduction of a patented portable high chair that safely holds infant carriers and easily converts for toddler use. This new high chair makes traveling with babies and toddlers easier, and the dining experience more enjoyable.

Traveling with babies and toddlers can be challenging, as young travelers require more gear than most adults do. “Parents of young children don’t want to be limited in their ability to pack up and hit the road just because they are traveling with a newborn or toddler,” says Lisa Hollett, President of Hollett, Inc. “Safe, simple to use, stylish, and versatile products that pack compactly and afford ease of use are what parents look for when deciding which products to purchase for traveling with a child.” It is important for parents to get the most value from a baby product, so, the longer the product life and the more integrated and versatile the product, the better the value. Until now, all portable high chairs were designed for toddlers only, but the Travel Dual-Mate™ safely accommodates all major brands of infant carriers as well. When a baby grows out of the need for an infant carrier, the Travel Dual-Mate™ easily converts into a high chair that enables a toddler to sit upright and join the entire family at the dining table.

Stephen Hollett, CEO of Hollett, Inc. knows that young parents and even grandparents are eager to take advantage of the fleeting summer months to enjoy a vacation. “Summer is the perfect time to get out and about, whether people choose to go camping, on a picnic, a trip to the beach, cruise or amusement park. Parents need a product that may be carried on their shoulder and know their child will have safe, clean seating no matter where or when the family is on the go,” says Hollett.

The Hollett™ Travel Dual-Mate™ is sold online through Hollett, Inc. and other e-tailers. The convertible high chair weighs a mere 7.5 pounds, folds easily in a manner similar to a camping chair, and comes with its own carrying sack. Parents of infants and toddlers need not limit their travel plans this summer. With the Travel Dual-Mate™ high chair, families can take advantage of the longer, warm days to make some special memories with the entire family.