Bebê Reborn Molde Saskia 22″


  • Size: Finished doll head-to-toe about 22inches, full arms, and full legs
  • Weight: 2.41 lbs(1.10kg)
  • Eyes: 22mm included for awake by random color/ Eyes not included for sleeping
  • Material: Light neutral vinyl
  • Cloth body/Vinyl Body: Included
  • Edition: Open – but time limited


  • 1 x Head
  • 2 x Arms
  • 2 x Leg
  • 1 x Pair of 22mm eyes only for awake(Random color)
  • 1 x Cloth body

NOTE: This item is blank, not assembled silicone vinyl kit, the pictures of the finished doll with clothes only for reference. If you decide to heat your vinyl which might crack or bubble, this is not the fault of the manufacturer or the inspection process